God Save the Queen, and Boris Johnson

There’s never been a Prime Minister like this.

Boris Johnson! Almost a living cartoon, the wise cracking mop topped Tory has made a name for himself as a sort of performance.

He is famed, among other things, for only appearing to improvise major speeches… for getting stuck in an amusement park ride during a promotional stunt… and for stonewalling interviewers in winning style, such as reciting extended dramatic passages from Homer.

Will it all be enough to save the Conservatives from the Brexit Party? Will it be enough to save England?

It’s not just the Brexit mess that demands a political miracle. Naturally, Johnson is despised by the British Left… still led by the Islamist sympathizer and Marxist holdover Jeremy Corbyn.

London’s socialists are out in the streets protesting Johnson’s very existence… and Labour is already bashing Johnson’s “hard right” cabinet, saying it doesn’t “look like modern Britain.”

Culturally, meanwhile, Britons are on, as they say, the back foot. Their hard left movement has so infiltrated schools that in some towns the task has fallen to Muslim immigrant parents to take a stand against the sexual “education” of their children…


And then there’s what’s left of Britain’s foreign policy, adrift as Iran humiliated the Royal Navy and as Hong Kong cries out for aid beneath the shadow of the Chinese military.

Into the breach steps Boris. Can he find the mettle? It’s not widely known that his life as Boris actually does not extend all the way back to his birth. Known as Al by his family as a child, he experienced a transformation when his absent father’s philandering finally drove his devoted mother to the breaking point… abandoning Boris and his siblings for a protracted and incomplete recovery.

From this humiliation and tragedy, Al became Boris—a change somewhat akin to Teddy Roosevelt’s determination to recover from his own family disaster through recourse to grit and action.

What else Boris has going for him is that all the other Tories have turned to mush. Not that it’s encouraging to see your team reduced to such a state… but Boris has a chance to remake the party in his image, or in an image that might actually win and govern and succeed.

For that, however, he’ll have to look beyond the rip roaring London of his youth for a model. Pre-financial crisis London was a different world… free from the malign influence of billions and billions in money laundering, and from corrupt elites fixing the price of money.

Boris will have to restore Britain’s sovereignty in more ways than one to make food on his big chance.

Or else the UK won’t ever see his like again.