Everyone Is Racist

They’re going to wear out the word racist.

In fact, they probably already have. The crazies who think everything is racism, the gullible set that believes them, and the cowards willing to go along even though they know it’s a crock.

After years of expanding racism toward ever greater and dumber frontiers… from structural racism and institutional racism to environmental racism and even something called space racism… they blew a gasket with president Trump, who of course has to be racist.

Conveniently that means everyone who doesn’t oppose Trump totally… because that’s the only thing you can do to a racist… is themselves a racist too. Not just kind of racist… racist-curious… or racist adjacent. A racist, with a capital A.

So you’re not just a person with a problem. You are a problem.

Believe it or not millions of Americans rebelled against that characterization. Not in small part because the “elite” tasked to brainwash the “racism” out of everyone is totally cuckoo.

These vengeance seeking crackpots say whiteness is inherently evil and America has been systematically unjust since 1776… or really, following Howard Zinn, 1492. The minute the scourge of European people arrived in the New World.


Who wants to “learn” from these loonies, who want to annihilate, not to instruct? Nobody. Except morose college kids willing to regurgitate whatever propaganda is necessary to get their increasingly useless degree.

Talk about an unjust system.

Which is maybe why the crazies have all pivoted this month away from mere racism to something that’s supposed to sound even more evil than the most evil thing in the world… white supremacy. Yes, like the bald biker psychos covered in Nazi tattoos, or the drooling monsters whose idea of a good time was a big public lynching.

Now that’s everybody… everyone who doesn’t hate Trump, of course, but plenty more besides. Everyone who’s complicit with the “white power structure.” Who says that “innocent until proven guilty” is a cornerstone of justice instead of a screen for oppression. Who refuses to smile when kids are taught that men can become women and vice versa just by saying so.

Yes, white supremacy is to blame even for sex and gender oppression. White feminists are now seen as evil because they don’t think ex-men winning every woman’s athletic contest is all that feminist. Whiteness means patriarchy, and that oppresses everyone. On and on it goes.

But because sick and lost boys on the internet are getting twisted on ideological cocktails that add everything from eco-fascism to communism to pornographic death metal music, the crazies think they have one final chance to destroy Trump, all his supporters, and America itself.

How’s it going so far?

Trump’s still here. His supporters are too, and they’re far from just white. In fact, more and more people are rebelling against the crazies and their revolutionary brainwashing plan.

America is much harder to wear out than any slur.