Even Democrats Hate The Left’s Health Care Plans

“On Strength of Health Care Policy, Trump Rides Wave to Re-Election.”

Sound crazy? Think again.

Poll after poll shows even registered Democrats don’t care most about the health policies being hawked by their overcrowded field of presidential contenders.

People want lower prices. They know our health care system’s biggest problem is runaway costs… with deductibles, drugs, and devices all breaking the bank… and they know that Obamacare didn’t solve the problem even before it began to fade.

They’re also learning that Democrats running for President aren’t offering policies that get a grip on cost control. Instead, they’re offering fan service for their most radical and socialist primary voters.

Medicare for all, or whatever they choose to call it. It’s all about expanding access. “Health is a human right.” Well, what good is a human right if you can’t afford it?

That’s a sure fire signal that something, in fact, is not a human right… because human rights are inalienable… but all but 2 percent of general election voters are already covered one way or the other.


Coverage isn’t the problem. Democrats’ delusions about rights are.

No wonder they have no plan to get costs under control.

That’s where Trump comes in.

During an election season where some members of his base are feeling the bite from the tariff war, but are sick and tired of social justice extremists hitting them in the pocketbook, Trump has a chance to turn the tables on the Left’s failing health care demagogues.

He’s already pushing plans to require more transparency from companies on cost. The next step should be naming and shaming the health corporations that drop big bucks on rainbow flag-waving Human Resources managers, yet stick hard working American families with back breaking medical bills.

And the next step after that is bringing the bonanza to an end for the health cost scam.

Trump won’t be “picking winners and losers” as the free marketeers complain. These companies distorted the market in the first place. His corrective won’t put them out of business. If they do go broke, it’ll be because they banked on raking in cash on artificially overpriced goods and services.

Take action, and Trump will suck the wind right out of the preening, moralizing competition. He’ll shock them again by responding to the obvious, putting him in the power position and throwing them back on their heels. And he’ll do the American people a long overdue good turn.

I can see the headlines now.