Epstein Is Just the Tip of the Elite Iceberg

It’s a sick world—and the elite is even sicker.

Americans have known that for a long time. But now that the Epstein case is finally out in the open, the full weight of the terrible truth is being laid on the scale of justice.

The Epstein case has everything… all the hallmarks of decadence, insularity, abuse, and privilege we associate with the power and glamor elite.

Mysterious billions—and billionaires—keeping flagrant criminals out of prison, and out of the public eye.

Private jets toting world celebrities from the trendiest spots of global concern to the swankiest illicit dens around.

International crime with international players blurring the line between white market industries, like Epstein’s patron’s company, Victoria’s Secret, and black market ones, like trafficking in underage girls.

And conspiracies that make the conspiracy theories that have long swirled around them look amateurish by comparison… judging, at least, by the evidence Epstein is connected to at least one nation’s intelligence community.


It’s enough to stoke speculation that one or more people will get bumped off before the REAL Epstein revelations go public.

But it’s also got some insiders convinced that Epstein is just one piece of a much larger puzzle… a battle between two wings of the global elite that one side has won… and one side has definitely lost.

If that’s true, the intended outcome is for Epstein and a handful of linked-up losers to go down… limited damage which while rile up the people for a minute and then once again subside.

That’s usually the way it’s worked in the world.

But these are unusual times.

The people might not be willing to get over Epstein and whichever cronies have fallen from grace. They already know that, these days, there’s really no going back to normal.

Not until the mask drops all the way off the elite.

Until every tentacle of the beast they’ve become is chopped off… and the body is thrown out with the trash.

It’s clear now that the international elite can’t be entrusted with the task of cleaning up their own mess. They’re not just incompetent… not just self-entitled… and not just out of touch.

They’re all too dialed in to the dark underbelly of their round-the-clock privilege party… and it’s all too easy to sense that none of them can get away clean.

Maybe a few, here and there, are righteous residents of Sodom. But God can pick them out if He wants.

From our standpoint, until that day, they’ve lost their claim to rule.

The world is sick enough without them. Once Epstein is out, they’re next.