Elites Are Out, Nationalism Is In

It’s over—the nationalists won.

And there’s no going back.

That’s the lesson of Narendra Modi’s storming re-election in India. In a feat unmatched for decades Modi returned to power for a second consecutive time and brought his party back with him.

Modi ran on an unapologetic and unrepentant nationalist platform. In his first term, he pushed back hard against China, drew closer to Trump, and won a game of military brinksmanship with neighboring Pakistan.

And on social media, he was a hero. To the consternation of the polite classes, WhatsApp filled to the brim in the run-up to the election with everyday Indians devoted to ensuring Modi could bring them more of the same. While the elites fretted over the volume of fake news and edgy memes sloshing around the app, the people mobilized for victory.

The triumph in the world’s largest democracy is a culmination of the pattern seen all over the West: nationalists winning, regardless of their exact spot on the political spectrum—especially if they position themselves off the political spectrum in key respects.

Italy, Hungary, Austria, Brazil, Australia, and of course the US have all reproduced the pattern.


And in the UK, where Teresa May is “leading” the Tories to a once unimaginable defeat, Nigel Farage is using his Brexit party to fit the form. More than a one-issue party, Brexit now stands for exiting the moribund two party system that came to dominance… for exiting the entire globalist era.

Can France… or Germany… be far behind?

Elites refused to consider that their world was collapsing in 2016. In 2020, they’ll deny up and down that it has already collapsed. Everyday life has led Westerners across four continents to realize their leadership class lacks authority… because what they say and do has diminishing bearing on the real world.

That can only mean one thing: Trump wins again.

No matter if he’s impeached.

No matter how the trade war goes with China.

The anti-populist, anti-nationalist Left can’t describe what’s happening today in any terms other than scary people running amok. Meanwhile all the momentum is with voters who know the real problem is the mess the elite has left for the rest of us to clean up…

After over-taxing us, over-charging us, squandering our advantages, and trying to make up for it by forcing us to worship false idols of race, class, and gender.

All while making out like bandits… selfish bandits who don’t like ordinary people, and often don’t even like children, including their own. The most they manage is showering gifts on lovers and pets.

People don’t want to be treated that way. The abusive relationship is over. Nationalism is on the rise because the nation is better than the elite. Stronger, healthier, and longer lasting.

Greater, in other words. Again.