Does 2020 Already Look Like a Trump Victory?

Don’t get complacent.

Even though all indications are Trump has it in the bag.

His presumptive challenger for the White House is already drawing comparisons to Hillary. Biden is blowing away the competition on a scale few thought possible—thanks to the same kinds of Democrats who pulled the lever for Clinton. Old voters, moderate voters, black voters… with no interest in, or sometimes even patience for, fresh fringe faces.

In the early three primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, Biden has pushed almost all comers but Sanders down to single digits. And those in doubles can’t crack 20 percent support anywhere.

Meanwhile the economy continues its stellar performance. Experts claim to be puzzled, and the mainstream media trumpets the fluke, but the boom picked up where recession talk was sharpest just before the Federal Reserve caved to Trump’s pressure and reversed itself on interest rates, keeping them low indefinitely instead of cranking them up.

So unemployment remains at generational lows… and solid growth continues apace as the rest of the world groans through a protracted slowdown… and Beijing still hasn’t figured out how to deal.

Then there’s Congress. Trump has calculated accurately that if he goes to the mattresses with his impeachment-happy foes in the House he will win. There just aren’t enough Dems to pull it off. And if he stonewalls the House on documents and testimony, Republicans will rally while the Left fractures… even more than it already has.


It’s setting up a party-wide crisis for Dems, with young nonwhite leaders in waiting finally turning against their own white ruling class. AOC versus Pelosi… Harris versus Biden. And everyone else scrambling to find their place as the roof falls in.

Deliciously easy… or is it?

What happens if the radicals finally take over the asylum?

What happens if they clear out the old guard before 2020… or make it a referendum on their own party establishment?

If they do to Pelosi and Biden what Trump did to the Bushes and Clintons?

Then Republicans have to think.

For the weak of will, the temptation will be to band together with the exiled Dems and make a bid for that good old fashioned bipartisan unity.

Leaving Trump exposed and bitter.

Right where Democrats… especially the most radical… right where they want him. Next year, yes—but the year after that, too, if he returns to office.

Weary from the rigors of a face-melting campaign… and facing an eerily Nixonian situation as he begins a second term.

This is nowhere near over. The country’s fate still hangs in the balance.

It’s going to be a long—possibly endless—campaign.