Diseases Are Running Rampant in California

Typhus. Tuberculosis. Bubonic Plague?

Welcome to Hollywood!

Well, downtown Los Angeles to be precise. Right where Mayor Eric Garcetti works, in City Hall, where the city’s filth-laden rats sickened a worker recently.

In downtown’s LAPD headquarters, staff are also falling prey to vermin-borne disease.

Heaps of festering trash litter the streets—not just around infamous Skid Row, but throughout the rapidly gentrifying urban core, which was supposed to be a glorious leading indicator of America’s allegedly high-density future.

The homeless have set up all but permanent encampments, yet despite activists’ claims often don’t want government shelter. They’re mentally ill and hooked on drugs, and don’t want to—or can’t—live functional lives.

And there’s no end in sight.


LA has thrown heaps of voter approved money at the problem, only to build a relative handful of new housing units. Meanwhile rents keep rising, poorer tenants keep getting pushed out, and the cost of living has grown so high that in state capital Sacramento they’re seriously considering subsidies for government workers struggling to live close enough to their jobs in Tinseltown.

Then there’s San Francisco.

The City by the Bay makes LA look like paradise. SF, literally covered in human feces, is America’s most dystopian big city, with a hardened core of homeless, addicts, users, and poor on one end and ultra-rich Brahmins on the other. While the elite dreams of using technology to leave the limits of humanity behind, the underclass sinks to subhuman lows.

This isn’t just the future the Left wants. It’s the present the Left is forcing onto more and more of America.

Like the mayors of California’s failing metropolises, Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Kamala Harris proudly tout their “progressive” state as a model to the country—if not the world. Meanwhile they’re leading the West Coast back into the dark ages.

They say they’re the champions of public health and individual freedom to do as you please… while they force the people into squalor, danger, and increasing isolation. Their world is a horror that breeds loneliness, depression, disease, and resentment.

The very opposite of the American Dream.

It ought to make Democrats’ skin crawl. Their 2020 candidates ought to be running like mad to disavow California—and the colonies West Coast refugees are setting up in states like Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Instead, the clueless contenders are living in a fantasy land… whining about Trump, rolling out absurd plans with no chance of coming true, and ignoring the disgusting elephant in the room.

Just as they refuse to touch Obama’s legacy, they won’t say a peep about the places their party has ruled with absolute power.

They won’t admit it: their ideology literally breeds disease.

If America wants to survive, it’s time to unleash the disinfectant.