Dems Want Americans to Pay Reparations. Seriously.

Reparations—and not just for the descendants of slaves.

It’s the new orthodoxy on the Left. And Americans won’t stand for it.

It all started with the idea that Black Americans deserved a check from the government for all the pain and suffering and disadvantage they’ve carried over the decades and centuries.

A vote of confidence in the Left’s disastrous urban policies it’s not. But for the guilt mongers convinced they can always take more of your money to make up for their foolish ways, that’s not even part of the discussion.

And no sooner did Democrats start backing themselves into a corner on race reparations, the gold rush began.

Elizabeth Warren jumped out with a plan for gay reparations. That’s right. Gay Americans didn’t get the tax breaks for marriage that they can now access. That’s another unpaid bill, well into the billions, charged to you and me.

Getting the picture…?


Who’s next?

Suddenly boring old welfare for all doesn’t look so sexy anymore. It’s so… anonymous. So light on the recognition. For who YOU are… for the unique way in which YOU have been ignored, snubbed, disliked, ripped off, treated as anything less than the most important, the biggest victim, the most fabulous and deserving of special attention.

Who doesn’t want a piece of that pie? The ultimate participation trophy?

And in an America ripped apart by identity politics and coddled by special pleading, there’s no limit to how obscure and self-entitled a group can get.

Make no mistake. They’ll all be lining up with a hand out and a frown on.

Demanding your money. For no greater reason that they’re them, and you’re you.

So don’t be surprised when more and more Democrats running for president “decide” to get in on the act. What choice do they have… stuck in the back of the pack, desperate for traction, which only comes from buying fans in one small slice of the radical base?

Don’t be surprised when the gong show debates feature lots of hand-raising and one-up-person-ship on who’s “woke” to the “need” for every kind of reparations scheme under the sun.

They’ll advocate it for women. For transgendered kids. For the homeless. For illegal immigrants. They’ll advocate it in the form of student loan cancellations, for “everyone,” of course.

Not that any of it will ever happen. Even if one of these bozos gets elected.

It’s not intended to happen. It’s all wishcasting, self-medicating for people with no real idea how to make America great again.

Reparations—the perfect policy for policy makers beyond repair.