Dems Are Still as “Out of Touch” as Ever

The liberal elite are the new squares.

That was the lesson from the latest round of Democrat debates.

Biden’s less than invigorating presence is making almost no impact on his poll position… currently flying high above the rest of the pack. This is not the Biden of the biker bar and Camaro jokes, “Uncle Joe” cracking open a cold one as he hoses off the driveway. This is a square candidate for square voters, safe, stolid, as conventional as it gets.

Which means that his closest competition is failing to be square enough. Warren is closest, but she is pandering like crazy to the social justice crazies, because she has to stay ahead of the likes of Harris.

Harris and Buttigieg and company are squares because they take themselves so seriously, not just as technocrats but as moral superheroes with the right to lecture us on how to behave in every facet of life.

But this form of squarishness is not as pure as Biden’s. Biden has sacrificed his personality for the greater good… evinced in his refusal to go over time in his debate answers even long enough to finish his sentences… whereas Harris and Buttigieg are preening squares. And everyone knows squares who are full of themselves are not pure of square heart.

So that is why Biden leads. But Americans know that his candidacy looks so shaky anyway because his perfectly square attitude misaligns with the times. He is not hip to the trip of what is really going on… our launch into a totally different place than the Boomers grew up in and prepared the Millennials for.


That’s why the fringey insurgents on the Left are getting so much attention in the debates, even though they haven’t shaken up the polls. Gabbard, Yang, and Williamson all exposed the middle tier of imperfect squares… with the exception of Warren… as inessential fools who don’t get it. And they raised questions about whether Biden or Warren have the freshness and vitality to win.

Gabbard and Yang are young and energetic; Williamson, a fixture of the Los Angeles cultural elite, is no longer young, but shows forth infinitely more warmth, heart, and glamor than AOC. They are hip. The rest of the field from Biden on down is not.

How has it happened? Democrats expected it wouldn’t be hard to put up real total package candidates against Trump, high performing box checkers who could win the way prestigious Harvard applicants win.

They were wrong. Trump showed the GOP was full of out of touch squares. Now America knows the Democrats are full of them too.