Democrats Are Sinking to a New Low Ahead of 2020

They’re going for broke.

House Democrats aren’t sure what they want, but they’re certain they want it bad. Impeachment? Sure, except the Senate won’t convict, Pelosi said she won’t let it happen, and even if it did, Trump could well wind up stronger.

So they’re readying subpoenas for the whole Mueller report—and a handful of current and former administration figures. Not that there’s going to be much joy in the chamber after Steve Bannon, to take one example, sits through a session or two of grilling and grandstanding.

But the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee are acting like getting “the whole truth” is inevitable. They’re giving the Attorney General a chance to satisfy their big demands for all the details. Then, they say, they’ll bring the hammer down.

Only it’s not that easy. With the election almost around the corner already, the White House and the rest of the administration has plenty of tools to keep the Democrats’ show trial from hogging the spotlight in 2020.

There’s garden variety slow-walking—a tactic Democrats loved when Jim Mattis did it to Trump himself, as a new book by a longtime Mattis aide is set to reveal.

There’s forcing the Dems to consider finding the administration in contempt of Congress. That’s seen as the alternative to taking Trump to court. But all roads from this point on likely lead to one courtroom or another.


And lawsuits take time.

As of now, there’s no great likelihood that the Supreme Court will reach down and expedite yet another cat fight between one party in one bream has of government and the other party in another.

And even if they did… if there’s one thing the Court doesn’t want to do, it’s insert itself into the very thick of a national vote for president and for Congress. Even the Bush v. Gore drama came at the very end of the process, and turned narrowly on practical technicalities.

This would be much different… so much different, the safe bet is it ain’t gonna happen.

That leaves Dems up a tree. Their old guard is desperate to keep the focus on Trump, not on their own fracturing party.

The minute the investigation saga is done for, Americans will have the loony far Left in front of them, and they won’t like what they see.

Bernie Sanders now looks like a moderate. And he’s losing ground to the gaggle of wannabes vying for the “privilege” of going against Trump.

The far Left can’t coalesce around Sanders… can’t let Joe Biden run unmolested… can’t run Congress…

What can it do but destroy the Dems at what they thought was going to be their moment of comeuppance?

So Democrats are primed to go a little… funny in the head.

Throw everything they’ve got at Trump, even if there’s no discernible endgame.

Trust the tumbling dice.

How’s that for adults in the room?

They’re ready to gamble with America’s future.

And if they lose, there’s no telling what they’ll do next.