Democrats Are Now Anti-Israel, Anti-Peace

The anti-Israel party.

That’s the Democrats now. How did it happen?

The crazies on the fringe have taken over the center.

Their contempt for all things Biblical… their love of Islam as a means to the end of diversity… these things have been around for years. But only with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman out of the way could the anti-Semites take control of the party agenda.

So much so that relatively more moderate Democrats—those just looking to stay in power—are standing up for Jews, but only in the context of dumping on Israel.

So, soon, every leading presidential candidate on the Left will boycott this year’s big AIPAC conference.

And play right into the hands of president Trump. He’s already laughingly predicted a “Jexodus” of Jews leaving their traditional Democratic turf.


And he’s seizing the opportunity to flip over the FUBAR chessboard in the Mideast, to Israel’s advantage… making fools of even the respectable Left in the process.

He already moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, a supposedly rash and inflammatory decision that turned out predictably to be a nothingburger.

Now he’s announced that the US will recognize the Golans Heights as part of Israel. Madness, cry the respectable critics. The “Arab Street” will “explode!”

Only, not, because Trump changed the game on Arab-Israeli relations.

He took Obama’s disastrous legacy of a broken Syria propped up by Iran and turned it into a reason for Arabs and Israelis to come closer together than ever before.

The process was already underway… but if Trump’s enemies were in charge, they’d have screwed it up or blown the opportunity, timidly clinging to the status quo.

Now Iran’s aggressive Mideast expansion is contained and counterbalanced… all with US force reductions, not increased deployment and costs.

That means Trump stands the best chance of any president ever to secure the most elusive achievement in US foreign policy history… a full blown Arab-Israeli peace deal settling the final status of the Palestinian Territories.

You’d think the Left would be all about that. Peace breaking out between once mortal enemies! Orchestrated through robust American diplomacy!

But no, if the bad orange man does it, it must be wrong.

That’s the message they’ll be taking to market this all-important election year. These fake friends of John McCain will be trying to win votes with an Israel stance that’s the furthest ever from that of Lieberman, McCain’s best friend.

To the new Left crazies, that’s all to the good. All those old white men are the same—equally deserving of political oblivion.

But the American people? They want to vote for a president in 2020… not against the State of Israel.

And not against peace, either.