China Is the Enemy. Need Proof? Just Look at Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Beijing’s for the taking.

The mask is slipping off the face of Xi’s China. In a bold move to make the former British colony just another part of the regime, the Chinese now insist that HK residents accused of crimes can be “extradited” to the mainland.

It’s a death sentence for the “one China, two systems” policy that kept Hong Kong relatively free even under Beijing’s control.

And the people know it. Now the once bustling commercial center is dwarfed by demonstrations a million strong… street clashes with protestors amid metal barricades… and rumors that the PLA will soon bring the house down by rolling tanks from neighboring Shenzhen.

The problem for the US isn’t hard to describe. On the one hand, doing nothing will make America look weak… on power and principle. On the other, trying to do something will likely have little effect… but for making trade negotiations even more difficult to bring to an advantageous conclusion.

In fact there’s no way the US can “save” Hong Kong without taking on major pain. A military intervention is out of the question. No coalition of the willing can project adequate force. Any entanglement or stand-off would give Russia a helpful window to snatch a few strategic gains in its own theater of primary interest.

Economic or financial punishments would make it harder to stop China from retaliating in a way assured to hurt Americans… and American industries… right on the verge of a crucial re-election campaign by the President. Trump doesn’t want that… just like he doesn’t want war.


Add to the mix the precarious situation with North Korea, where Trump understands he can’t get Kim in a box if Pyongyang is convinced the CIA is still infiltrating the core of the regime.

It’s a chessboard of dizzying complexity… and Democrats are more than happy to shrug their shoulders or mouth empty platitudes… and hope that it takes Trump down a notch or three.

Little do they realize that China is the perfect example of techno-enforcement run amok—so much so that American voters can take one look at Hong Kong and see themselves.

Sitting ducks for abuse and suppression by a regime that purports to belong to the people… but really wants them brainwashed.

Face it—with China shutting down the Washington Post from its national internet, it’s easy to see how Silicon Valley will work with Democrats to stop Trump from being re-elected… by hook or by crook.

Hong Kong is the last bastion of self-government and free thought in China. Every time the American people read another news story about the island city’s slide into the darkness of despotism, they’ll think a little bit harder about who our home grown despots really are… and how they have to vote to stop them from doing to us what the Chinese are doing to millions.