China and the Left Are the Exact Same Thing

The Left wants to be China.

Look at the steady stream of scary news coming out of Xi Jinping’s regime, and the reflection is crystal clear.

China is doing what the Left dreams of.

Special loans for corporations that celebrate the Party? They’ve got em. They’re called Red Impetus Loans—no collateral, low-interest-rate bargains handed out to companies that show they “study” Xi Jinping Thought and promote his teachings.

Elimination of all dissent? That’s an easy one. Simply round up the biggest group that doesn’t think like you do—in this case the Muslim Uighurs—and lock them down in re-education camps. Bulldoze and dynamite their houses of worship, and replace it all with the Party.

Total surveillance—that’s a big check off the list too. China is now implementing AI that can and does distinguish on the basis of race.

It’s all coming, in ever so slightly altered form, to America under the Left.


Special favors for corporations that force love for the Party down the throats of employees, making it a condition of employment. Silicon Valley and Wall Street are leading the way, pushing, and enforcing, the most radical cultural ideologies the Left creates.

Organized campaigns to stamp out Christianity as a public practice and a private belief. The Left wants to strip churches of their tax exemptions, punish biblical discourse as hate speech, and sue to force “conscientious objectors” to do business with officially protected groups and fund officially favored ones.

“Smart” discrimination is right around the bend. The Left wants AI to pre-profile people for “extremism” and single them out for punishment before they can say or do anything more offensive. But that’s just the beginning. The big goal is to program AI to purge and replace everything Left elites label as tainted with “whiteness.”

That’s how they plan to make us all kneel before the Party. The only god they really believe in.

It’s all on display in China, where the elite knows it has one chance to force everyone into a new form of slavery. Whoever controls AI controls the programming… and whoever controls the programming controls the people.

That’s their vision—one and the same as the Left’s.

The only difference is the Chinese are in power. But the Left is sure that power is right within their grasp. And the minute they get it… the old goals are going to be history. More than universal health care. More than busted budgets. More than higher taxes.

They want to remake America in their image.

Use technology to mass produce themselves—in each and every one of us.

2020 is about far more than Trump.

It’s about who we see when we look in the mirror.