California is STILL a Melting Pot of Crazy Dems

A tale of two Californians.

Debate watchers are now clued in to the fact that there’s more than one West Coast worldview in town… and the rivals have representatives in the Democrat party.

Vying for voters affections are the new Northern Californian credo of Kamala Harris and the much older but resurgent Southern Californian vision of Marianne Williamson.

If you hadn’t noticed, Marianne—a kooky yet classy New Age Malibu fixture who once ran for Congress and counts A-list celebs among her compadres—created a first class stir at her latest debate performance.

She was the most Googled candidate during the televised debate… with talk of using a politics of love to beat back the dark psychic forces the party’s wonks couldn’t understand or defeat.

She’s crazy and out of place, say the critics… but more voters are catching on that the definition of crazy might be treating overweening boys like Beto and Buttigieg as if they’re serious candidates who deserve big attention.

America has always been a religious land and full of breakaway sects at that. Polls showing more young people dumping religion are misleading. Millennials are converting to the old Church faiths in larger numbers… and embracing occult superstitions in greater numbers too.


In our major cities you can’t throw a latte now without hitting a crystal shop, an astrology website, or a room full of twenty somethings doing the Tarot. It’s big business… but it’s also social glue, however absurd.

And Marianne is framing her campaign as social crazy glue… not so bonkers after all in a time when Americans know that together and individually they’re fracturing inside and out.

Her witchy ways—although she insists she’s pro truth and pro science—have a long pedigree in the greater LA area. And once they flourished in San Francisco and Berkeley too.

Now those days are gone however… crushed away by the likes of ambitious and calculating meritocratic hungry for money and power. Foremost among them, with Gov. Gavin Newsom chafing below, is Kamala Harris. The say anything do anything alpha woman who makes Hillary Clinton look soft and gentle.

Harris is the candidate of turning America into San Francisco: homeless junkies and luxury micro-apartments, obscene wealth and corporate control, Human Resources edicts and one-party rule.

Williamson is the candidate of washing America in the wholesome and healing vibes of a sunrise yoga session on the cliffs overlooking Catalina Island.

Do Democrats still have a soul? How many who don’t would like one back? As Harris grates on raw psyches coast to coast, more anxious liberals may be consulting the stars for answers…