Blame the Next Crisis on Panicking Elites

One step away from disaster.

It’s not what Trump wants… and it’s not what the American people want… but it’s out of our hands.

The elite still has the power to hurt us again—worse than they did in the financial crisis, and the decade-long Great Recession.

They’ll do it by panicking.

The elite is terrified Trump is going to destroy the economy, even though he singlehandedly kept interest rates from spiking and is holding unemployment down to historic lows. They think his trade war with China is going to kill the world economy and sink our own.

As if they’d prefer Chinese world domination… or war?

Meanwhile, here at home, the financial system is more centralized than ever. And more of the economy has been turned over to financial speculators and debt-packagers than ever.


Aside from tech speculation, that’s just about the only way to make big money anymore.

You can thank the elite for that, too. They want it that way. They don’t care about your prospects, and they don’t care about your family. Nobody asked you to have those kids. To care about their future.

So the elite has created an unsustainable economic system. Trump is making the best of it… but he can’t slap around the speculators without touching off market hysteria.

China, Russia, and Iran know just how precautious Western markets have become. And all three countries are increasingly desperate themselves.

They want an asymmetrical kill shot—a crisis that will not only hurt us but give them the opportunity to spin up an alternate financial system.

The elite is freaking out about that too. Maybe because, deep down, they understand they are to blame? For trashing and looting Russia’s fledgling free market economy after the Soviet Union fell… for turning China into a world colossus while stripping America’s Main Streets to the bone… for appeasing the Mullahs as they tightened their grip around the Mideast.

No. The elite keeps telling itself—and the people whose minds they control through the media—that it’s all the bad orange man’s fault. Were it not for Trump, we’d be in corporatist social justice paradise.

Yet you can see the fear in their eyes. They’re starting to realize they just might not be able to wish their way out of this one.

And they’re starting to think about how they can survive the crash that’s poised to come down on our heads. They’ll blame Trump. They’ll blame us. They’ll tell us only they can salvage what’s left of America.

Even though they’re the ones who walked us off the cliff.