Bill de Blasio Just Made a Fool of Himself

Never go full Guevara.

Someone forgot to tell failing presidential candidate and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Having perhaps read too many first replies to his tweets, which invariably say “fix the subway,” de Blasio tunneled his way into a new dead end project, quoting Che before, of all things, a Miami crowd.

“Hasta la victoria, siempre,” he enthused, a phrase that also caught on with Castro himself and refers to unceasing struggle until victory.

With his socialist roots, there was no chance de Blasio delivered the line in ignorance of its radioactive provenance. Yet that was precisely what he claimed in an inevitable apology tweet, which followed amid a hailstorm if disgusted criticism from elected officials in both parties.

Leftists who always moan about dogwhistling conservatives “saying the quiet part out loud” were conspicuously silent.

One explanation for de Blasio’s behavior is simple enough—attention. With a mediocre debate performance on a stage crowded with enough losers to encourage guilt by association, de Blasio had to get some decent press and fast. What better way than to stir the pot and flatter the Sandinista wing of his party?


But it backfired. The commie kids are too busy policing each other’s tone and fine-tuning their gender identities to pay attention to a white male slug like de Blasio.

And older Democrats may have felt a wave of progress wash over them when Obama loosened up relations with Cuba, but that was because they still hope to vacation there, surrounded by classic cars, and casinos in the last Caribbean island that hasn’t been done to death. They hardly want Cuba to go back to the bad old days of shooting bourgeois professionals in the streets. Che is supposed to be kitsch, not karma.

And yet… never before in living memory have leading Democrats been so openly Che-like. Socialist… radical… revolutionary. De Blasio took a ration of scolding for letting an honest slogan rip. But what if AOC did it? She’d be hailed as a moral hero.

The open secret is this: people like De Blasio don’t get to participate in the revolution. Maybe he can stand in the back like the one white guy in the glossy corporate ad, but that’s it. He’s not allowed to appropriate any lingo, much less use it to put himself in the White House.

Are his fellow white-guy candidates paying attention? They should be. There’s more than one uppity mayor in this race… and more than one self-entitled old man in a suit.

Even before they make it to Trump, their own party’s base will be screaming another familiar slogan in their faces…

Hasta la vista, baby.