Biden’s 2020 Platform Is One of Complete Ignorance

Welcome to Biden’s dream world.

It’s Bidenland, the most naive place on earth… and the centerpiece of what would be his foreign policy as president.

A place where nationalism and populism around the planet were all just a big misunderstanding… nothing that couldn’t be fixed by more elites holding more high profile events, doing more talking about their values.

Elect Biden, he says, and you’ll get a big new “pro-democracy” summit, where friends and allies who have deviated from the liberal elite plan for happy land will magically agree to return to a way of life that has failed them and their people.

“Leaders who attend must come prepared to cooperate and make concrete commitments to take on corruption and advance human rights in their own nations,” said Biden, in a speech blaming Trump for the widening worldwide rejection of leadership like Biden’s.

“We have to be honest about our friends that are falling short and forge a common agenda to address the greatest threats to our shared values,” he said, without offering any account of how that might happen.

And with countries from Brazil to India to Hungary to Italy to Austria and well beyond all walking away from the failed era of Clinton and Blair, Bush and Obama, it won’t happen.


It’s as much a delusion as the Davos elite’s unending dream that their policies are the best answer… or an answer at all… to their grand fixation on climate change.

It was inevitable that Biden’s big plan to restore the elite’s global order includes a marquee conference on climate said he would also convene a separate summit on climate.

The goal? “More ambitious national pledges.”

The means? Standing for Davos values…

Like powerlessness in the face of China’s monster emissions.

Like science that can’t make sense of how its own neural networks work, yet claims to know the future of the whole planet.

Like automating away ever more jobs, leaving people with more sedentary, more empty lives, emitting little more than anger and sadness.

The people don’t want it. Not in the United States. Not in the West. They don’t want the dignity of work to be wiped away by robots.

They don’t want their children to have to choose between life as investment bankers and life as baristas.

They don’t even want self-driving cars.

Biden is an old man now. But that’s not why he doesn’t get it. Trump understands the world has changed and it isn’t going back… and that the reason for this isn’t Trump’s own form of leadership.

Since Biden was Vice President, he’s become obsolete: and so has his world.