Biden Could Be Trump’s “Best” Opponent for 2020

It’s a referendum on Biden.

That’s where we are in the presidential campaign.

Even for Republicans, it’s true. Some still prefer Biden over Trump… and are actually willing to vote that way.

Others vastly prefer Biden—as Trump’s opponent. They wisely calculate that the social justice Left must be kept as far away from the White House as possible, and as far from the media megaphone as feasible. Even if it means a harder race for Trump.

But still others on the Right think Biden is the weak horse… making him either the “best” candidate for Trump to go up against or, more ominously, a paper tiger the Dems’ more radical candidates will tear to pieces.

Yet, still, that might mean conservatives should hope Biden gets propped up regardless… to suck energy away from his opponents even, or especially, if they’re finally going to crush him.

Reflecting these scattered priorities, the Right is all over the map on Biden. Some are mocking his old white male identity, others praising it.


Some dragging out his old howlers about sending Iran money to fight Iraq, or splitting Iraq into three parts. Others soft-pedaling. Some laughing that Obama won’t endorse him… others not so sure.

Everyone knows the real referendum is on the Left, however. There the queasy sense that events are running just ahead of the spin is even stronger.

A storm is brewing… a showdown. Either Biden will “Sister Souljah” the social justice psychos or they’ll do it to him first.

A house divided against itself cannot stand. America has been warning the Left about that for decades. But now it’s going to be put to the test inside the Democrats’ own party.

There are just too many radicals who see Biden as part of the problem, not part of the solution. Too old, too white, too beholden to the wrong kind of money. Too encumbered with ideological baggage, like the big crime bill with his name on it, to make it through re-education coming out squeaky clean.

Why try to overhaul an old muscle car like Biden when you can just crank a glossy new smart car off the assembly line?

The answer is… Democrats don’t yet have that shiny new model. Warren and Sanders are old too. The many average-y white guys in the race are blurring together. Even some of the women seem interchangeable.

No new figure has broken out of the pack.

But the first one to sink Biden may do so.

Because that’ll be seen as a sign they can do it to Trump next.