Are There More “Nutjobs” Than Ever Before?


The signs are everywhere. Protests and mass arrests in Russia. Protests with no end in sight but Chinese tanks in Hong Kong. Brexit churns. And in the US, mass shootings, over and over again, the profiles… and often the physical appearance… of the shooters eerily similar.

The systems aren’t working. The contagion spreads.

Especially online.

Nobody in America knows what to do about the internet. It was supposed to crown us masters of a globalized world, prosperous and at peace. We didn’t learn the lessons of the World Wars… there is no global peace and prosperity. Not now, not ever.

And now the internet is hated for drawing together America’s true deplorables… the outcasts… the addicts… the soul sick… the killers… and organizing them into a force that’s everywhere and nowhere, until suddenly they’re in your neighborhood, in your church, in your shopping center, opening fire.

Published manifestos waiting online to tell the tale.


Why they did it.

Have we forgotten the days of the Unabomber? When his “fringe” attitudes, now considered not so crazy by many, sent shock waves through the press?

Now anyone can be their own unique kind of manifesto maniac.

But the ideas they’re converging around mutate the far left and far right together into a single idea. Eco-terrorism, racism, progressivism, they are all united in a single violent demand to return to some kind of garden… some kind of innocence.

Innocence that the writer has never truly known.

It’s the politics of the unhinged imagination. All over again. But this time with computer envy.

Because the computers know everything, and feel no pain.

The computers aren’t trapped home alone, trapped with a crazy family. Trapped inside their heads.

Computers don’t need meds. Don’t have faces they themselves want to punch. They can be heard everywhere, all the time. They don’t have to kill anyone.

They’re like gods. And the humans are getting very pissed off about that.

Even the elites, who the computers… they say… let them down, along with the damn people. The elites say they created beautiful machines to make the world a better place. And the machines and the people teamed up to make it something horrible.

But the elites still trust the machines. They have no choice. Because they tried to rule the world and it didn’t work. So none of the world’s leading powers are getting their way. And none of the rising powers are either. It’s dissatisfaction and dysfunction all the way down.

And the nuclear core is about to be exposed.

Where will be the first crack? The first boom?

Maybe everywhere at once.