Another Migrant Invasion Is Almost Here

There’s another immigration crisis brewing—inside the border.

The California migrants are coming.

New surveys show a majority of residents are thinking about ditching the one-time paradise on the coast.

And among millennials, the number is closer to two thirds.

This can shake out one of four ways.

First, all that anti-California dreaming could wind up just that—a fantasy. Trapped in the state’s dead-end, downwardly mobile eco-socialism for all but the fewest wealthy in the biggest mega cities, young people might just give up on their dreams of living normal adult lives with normal families.

But they’ll push out Californians who are just too broke to afford the state no matter how much it has broken their spirit. Then we’ll really have a migrant problem.


Second, an exodus of young Californians could turn a horde of hipsters and social justice warriors into red-blooded Americans “mugged by prosperity.” Regardless of skin color or class, young Californians know other states will give them a shot at a real house, a real life, and a real future… affordably.

When they settle into those lives, their politics might quickly conform to the old adage that age brings conservatism. A smaller California would yield fewer electoral votes, and a beefed-up Sun Belt full of ex-liberals would produce more.

Third, unfortunately, is the opposite scenario. Californians could flood the rest of the country and Californize all of it. Instead of debating the “browning” of America, people would argue about the transformation of all young people into insufferable hipster moralists.

To a degree, this is already happening, as every city in America has tried to create its own franchise of San Francisco or Los Angeles. The worst could well be yet to come.

Which brings us to scenario number four: not just an American civil war, but a Californian one—played out from coast to coast. Migrant Californians might split in half, with one group conforming to American values and the other Californizing their new communities.

This to a degree is already happening too. The collapse of the East Coast Republican establishment shifted a surprising amount of political power to California conservatives, populists, and officials, ranging from billionaires like Peter Thiel to politicians like Kevin McCarthy to operators like Steve Bannon of Breitbart. In large measure. California’s war over immigration has become our own…

…just as the new American war over California immigrants is about to explode out into the open. A rich irony in a state that used to spit on the white-bread Okies who tramped through the desert to find the American Dream.

Who’s spitting on whom now?