According to the Left, It’s Okay to Hate Minorities… as Long as They’re Trump Supporters

Democrats are scrambling—to figure out who counts as white.
With the party captive to the identity politics inquisition, Congressional Democrats are rallying around Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim Somali-American woman, who keeps making anti-Semitic accusations about the supposed dual allegiance of US Jews.
Nancy Pelosi tried to crank out a condemnation of anti-Semitism. But her party turned it into a giant dodge—dumping on bigotry in general, and dumping Jews into the same unprotected general population as the “rest” of white America.
Jews aren’t the only ones being stripped of their minority status by the identity fanatics. Asian Americans don’t count anymore either… at least when it comes to college, where their high academic performance is embarrassing admissions offices striving for diversity, but not too much of the wrong kind.
It doesn’t stop there. African Americans and Latinos who approve of Trump’s performance as president… even if they don’t “support” him as a whole… are apostates who must be scorned.
Meanwhile one recent poll put Trump at 50 percent approval among Hispanics. That’s probably a statistical overshot. But almost 30 percent of Hispanic voters pulled the level for Trump the first time around… a constituency that many Democrats are hell bent on believing just doesn’t exist.
That’s what the identity fanatics call “erasing” people. And it’s what they do every day to non-white minorities who don’t think or behave the way they want them to.
With so many once-values minorities on the outs on the Left, the Democrats’ other not so secret weapon becomes even more important… women. Yet among women pro-life attitudes are increasing in polls. Thats another huge constituency that is treated as nonpersons at best—and brainwashed slaves at worst.
So many groups in danger of slipping from the Democrats’ grasp, so little time. But the Left is spending its precious time providing as much political cover as they can for the “rising stars” like Omar who are the most radically out of step with the American people… whatever their race, creed, or class.
The old “progressive” guard, leaders like Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein, are at a loss. They can’t wrap their mind around the new reality that they’re just not “woke” enough to meet the Left’s new purity tests.
But they have nowhere to go. They’re not lining up behind a Howard Schultz. They’re not flipping parties at the end of their political road.
They’re going down in history, all right… not as the founding mothers of an enlightened and diverse American family, but as roadkill on the radical Left’s death march to identity totalitarianism.