A Diversity War Has Broken out in Silicon Valley

Google’s Game of Thrones.

It’s coming.

Parent company Alphabet’s new diversity report—yes, this is a thing—tells the tale.

Fewer white males, even more Asians. Attrition rates declining for women and minorities, but highest among blacks.

All while a fresh round of internal warfare has exploded around a key AI panelist who doesn’t satisfy the whole mob—inside the company or out.

There are now four contending groups within Google: embattled white men, aggressive social justice warriors, Asians who have lost their ethically privileged minority status, and the management elite trying to keep the whole mess churning out power and money.

Which one will come out on top?


The white men might never gain the level of influence their fathers’ generation did. But if they walk, Google will suffer… not just from a loss of talent, but from the immediate increase in power of the lunatics already on their way to taking over the asylum.

The woke brigades are approaching an inflection point. They’ve succeeded in seizing control of Google’s corporate ethics structure… putting China’s interest over the Pentagon’s, and purging the company of any influential figures who refuse to bow to their dogma.

They used to be a benefit to the corporation… a way to signal high prestige hipness and strengthen its cultural authority. But now they’re becoming more trouble than they might be worth. Give them an inch, management realizes, and they start thinking they’re Vladimir Lenin…

The Asians are beginning to realize they’re being played. The better they do, the more hostile their supposed champions in the social justice vanguard become. They’re now “over-represented”—always a danger sign in the diversity racket. But their role in Google’s success is only growing… and their claim to influence with it.

And management? Suddenly everyone seems ready to question why they should enjoy such power, prestige, and profit. From Elizabeth Warren to Donald Trump. From the most socialist barista in Brooklyn to the most capitalist oil man in Texas. Too bad nobody can quite figure out what’s supposed to replace Google… aside from a handful of weakened companies with Googlers spread across them.

Breaking up Google makes people nervous. They know that all but the biggest tech companies are here today, gone tomorrow. And who really wants to log in and out of five different accounts to do what one used to deliver? Chop up Google, and we’ll just end up with an even more powerful Amazon.

Unless we break them all up… and break up America’s last peaceful source of global dominance?

So there’s no escape for now from Big Google… or Big Tech. There’s no escape from a war over who gets to sit on Google’s silicon throne.

Which Americans are going to get caught in the crossfire?