A Clown in the White House?

The clowns are winning.

That’s according to new polls showing five contending Democrats beating Trump in head to head matchups… sometimes by major margins. Biden, Warren, and Sanders all enjoy double-digit leads over the president.

But does anyone take them seriously?

Biden’s increasingly disjointed and muddled speech has reporters collecting a steady stream of anxious comments from troubled supporters. They know he’s a mess, they say, but he’s the one candidate who can win the center and keep the party out of the hands of the crazies.

Warren has the chops, the plans, and the crossover appeal… with even Tucker Carlson praising her early work on the two-income trap.

But she’s running to the left to keep Harris and the rest of the B-boys out of the picture. If they don’t drop out… and Beto’s trollish campaign to become the farthest Left of them all suggests they won’t… Warren will finds herself stuck with Biden and unable to close worried moderates.

And Sanders? There’s just no way Bernie can emerge from a campaign against Trump himself President of the United States. Sanders would have to break the back of the party the way Trump smashes the GOP field, and there’s zero indication he can do that.


Anyone other than these three isn’t ready for prime time. Unless you’re betting the outside candidate Andrew Yang can do what Trump did… busting out of the pack as the fractured field slowly disillusions its own supporters.

Yang is actually enjoying himself… and he’s pitching policies, like $120,000 a year for everyone, that sound crazy but, with the right kind of budgetary rejiggering, would likely erase many Americans’ most intractable financial problems.

But whatever the polls say, and whatever Warren and Yang bring to the table on policy, it’s just hard to unseat a president. Since Carter’s meltdown, it’s only happened once… because Ross Perot mounted a big third party run. And the odds are vanishingly small that any independent would grab even 5 percent of the vote this time around.

Yet there’s no guarantee a long and bruising primary among the Dems will work to Trump’s advantage. So far, Americans aren’t quite convinced that the Democrats are as captive to the far Left as they are.

So much will turn on what the crazies do. So far, they’re only getting more agitated, more involved, more unreasonable, and more revolutionary as the primary season gears up. And if they’re not appeased by the leading candidate, they’ll start making direct demands.

How the leading candidate handles those demands could make all the difference. Will they clown out? Or will they make a play to put the fringe in its place and run as a discipline-and-duty leader?

Because as of now, the clowns have all the power.