2020 Democratic Candidates Are “So Weak, It’s Laughable”

The culling begins. And it’s just getting started.

So many Democrats are running for President that even seasoned campaign journalists are struggling to keep them all straight… or to care.

That’s what this month’s cattle-call debates are meant to fix.

Democrats and their allies in the media are sick and tired of so many has-beens and also-rans gumming up the works. It’s a confusing and boring story. They want to focus on a small group of contenders with strong stories of all-out opposition to Trump.

And they want to turn that group into one leading poster person for the glorious Trump-free future they’re still sure they can usher in through the sheer power of… well, it’s not exactly clear what.

The current leader, Joe Biden, isn’t inspiring any of the elites. He’s flip flopping around already, reactively straining to satisfy elite morality tests without turning off his regular-Joe base.

Elizabeth Warren has more policy plans than you can shake a peace pipe at. But she’s Tucker Carlson’s favorite Dem… a far cry from in-your-face lefties like Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris. She also looks more like Woodrow Wilson than anyone else who has ever run for President.


Filter those out, and you’ve got Bernie… whose idea of how to mount a come from behind campaign is to lecture people on the meaning of democratic socialism… or one of the many pointless white guys who are sorry for being white guys, but not sorry they’re running for President.

Oh, and then there’s Andrew Yang. Like Warren, Yang understands regular people are already living in a world that the elite class doesn’t understand. Unlike Warren Yang has a weird nerd charisma… and crazy online fans to match.

He doesn’t check the Left’s social justice boxes. But he doesn’t fit inside the same box as the interchangeable guys clogging up the field.

That means he’s going to be one of only a very few candidates at the debates who’ll make people pay attention. And he’ll be spouting stuff about automation and guaranteed income that will screw up everyone else’s talking points.

And that means… even if the debates cause droves of candidacies to collapse, the Dems won’t be any more united or confident than they are now. And Americans will see it all in their eyes on national television… and then in Iowa… and then in their own states.

The herd will thin… and it won’t matter.

Smile for the cameras, Democrats.